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Sanitary Conveniences in the Workplace.

Sanitary Conveniences

Suitable and sufficient toilets must be provided at readily accessible places in the workplace.

The Facilities

Toilet rooms must be adequately ventilated and lit.

Toilets and toilet rooms must be kept in a clean and orderly condition. Washing facilities must be provided in the immediate vicinity.

Separate rooms must be provided for men and women except where a toilet is in a room intended for use by one person at a time which has a door that can be secured from the inside.

An effective means of flushing a toilet should be provided, as should toilet paper and a coat hook. A suitable means for the disposal of sanitary dressings should be provided where toilets are used by women.

Special provision should be made for any workers with disabilities.

Facilities should provide adequate protection from the weather.

At remote or temporary work sites, chemical closets may be used with a suitable deodourising agent.

Where arrangements exist to use facilities provided by someone else, such as a landlord, the employer must ensure the requirements as regards facilities and numbers are met.

Number of Facilities

The minimum number of toilets depends on the number of people at work:

  • one toilet for up to 5;
  • two toilets for up to 25;
  • three toilets for up to 50;
  • four toilets for up to 75;
  • five toilets for up to 100.


However, for pre-1993 factories (but not later extensions to these), the following numbers of conveniences will still be regarded as a sufficient minimum:

  • one toilet for every 25 females employed (or fraction of 25);
  • one toilet for every 25 males employed (or fraction of 25) up to the first 100;
  • where more than 100 males are employed and sufficient urinal accommodation is also provided, four toilets for the first 100 and one toilet for every 40 additional males (or fraction of 40);
  • where more than 500 males are employed and the factory is pre-1938, the local authority may have issued a certificate allowing a different formula.

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