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Drinking Water in the Workplace

Drinking Water

An adequate supply of wholesome drinking water must be provided for all workers in the workplace.

The drinking water supply must be readily accessible at suitable places. The supply must be conspicuously marked where necessary for health or safety reasons, for example where non-drinkable water is also available and its supply is unmarked.

Except where water fountains are provided, drinking cups or beakers should be provided. If these are non-disposable, a facility for washing them should be provided nearby.

Where a drinking water supply is not direct from the main, the storage vessel must comply with UK Water Bye-Laws. In particular, the cistern or tank used in the supply must be kept well covered and kept clean, and it must be tested and disinfected as necessary.

Bottled water, such as is available in supermarkets, may be used. In some cases it may be necessary, for example when mains water is cut off or contaminated.

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