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Appointees, Equipment and Facilties in the Workplace.

Appointees, Equipment & Facilities

The employer must have an Appointee(s) to take charge in an emergency who must be available whenever people are at work.

The employer must ensure that first aid equipment and facilities are provided in the workplace. He must also display notices telling people where first aid can be obtained and who the appointed person is.

Adequacy of Equipment & facilities

The equipment and facilities must be adequate and appropriate for enabling first aid to be rendered to his employees if they are either injured at work or become ill at work.

In deciding what is adequate and appropriate, account should be taken of:

  • the number of employees;
  • the nature of the undertaking;
  • the size of the establishment and distribution of employees; and
  • the location of the establishment and of the employees' places of work.

The equipment and facilities must include a first aider with approved training and a first aid room at workplaces where special hazards exist (for example dangerous machinery or toxic material), or where access to a hospital casualty unit is difficult (such as owing to distance, opening hours and transport facilities).

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