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Website terms and conditions, also known as terms of use, represent a key document on any website. Terms and conditions govern the use of your website, setting out the various rights and obligations of the parties involved (typically you and your users or customers).

In some cases, it is possible to pack too much information into your terms and conditions. This can make them confusing and compromises user-friendliness. At worst, confusing and inaccessible terms and conditions could be seen as unfair from a legal perspective.

The documents in this sub-folder are designed to work alongside your main website terms and conditions and are incorporated into your terms and conditions with appropriate references. When a user accepts your main terms and conditions, therefore, they are also referred to any additional terms or policies which may apply.

This set of documents begins with an Acceptable Usage Policy and will be expanded in the coming weeks as our review of our website terms and conditions templates progresses.

These Supporting Website Documents are part of the Business Documents Folder. Just £35+VAT will provide you with one year’s unlimited access to download any or all documents from the Business Folder.

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