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Guidance and Letter Templates for Handling Customer Complaints

October 2014

Following on from September’s Customer Complaints Policies and Procedures, a new range of letter templates is now available, designed and written alongside the three procedures, thus fitting in with each stage wherever communication with a complaining customer may be required. Complete sets of letters are available for each of the three variants in our range.

New guidance on complaints handling is also available, explaining not only the importance, but also the value of effective customer complaints handling. Complaints cannot always be avoided, however hard you may try, but handling them well can turn them from negatives into positives in many cases. Our guidance explains how.

Updated Business to Consumer Templates

Over the coming months, we will be updating our business to consumer documents with references to complaints policies and procedures. We begin this month with our sets of standard Terms and Conditions for goods and services. These changes, however small, can make a big difference to your customers by reminding them that, should problems arise, there is a procedure in place that they can rely on in order to put things right.

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