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Homeworking H&S Documents

Hybrid working, that is working from home part of the time and in the office part of the time, has become the new normal for many people and is a popular alternative to traditional homeworking. However, for both types of homeworking it is important that employers understand that they still have a duty of care to their staff whether they are working in the office, out on the road or at home – either full or part-time. This duty of care can range from making sure the employee has suitable equipment to allow them to work at home, to making sure there is adequate pastoral support for remote workers. The issue of mental well-being in the workplace has become a significant one that has only been exacerbated by the pandemic.

During the Covid-19 emergency many employees started working from home for the first time and it was not always possible for employers to complete all of the normal risk assessment tasks on their employees’ home working environment. Now that Covid-19 restrictions have been removed employers should be making sure that they carry out these risk assessments.

Health and safety policies are now available for both home working and hybrid working arrangements and new Guidance Notes for Employers: Hybrid Working and H&S can assist employers in understanding their duties and responsibilities to their staff who are working from home.

These home working documents also include a specific risk assessment form for those working from home. These templates have been written to comply with the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974.

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