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Templates for managing H&S for employees working from home during the coronavirus

Homeworking H&S Documents (Coronavirus)

The coronavirus emergency has meant that many more employees are now working from home for the first time. The fact that this need to work from home has arisen suddenly and the Government has put in place restrictions on movement during the Covid-19 pandemic, means that it may not be possible for employers to complete all of the normal risk assessment tasks to set up a suitable home working environment for their employees. However, all employers are still responsible for the health, safety and welfare of their employees even when they are not working at the normal workplace.

The Working From Home Covid-19 Risk Assessment Form covers common hazards that are likely to be found in a normal household where homeworking is not normal practice.

The H&S Policy For Working From Home During The Covid-19 Emergency has been written to help employers make sure they are looking after their employees who are temporarily working from their own home and is primarily intended for office staff who use desk-based IT equipment.

Guidance Notes For Employers: Employees Working From Home During Covid-19 Restrictions provide useful information on using IT equipment, and homeworking and stress.

These documents are designed for use during the period of Government required constraints during the Covid-19 pandemic only. Once the necessary restrictions have been lifted, if it is subsequently decided that an employee will continue to work from home, then a full Working from Home Risk Assessment should be carried out in the normal way and the full policy document should also be used.

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