Issue, Allotment & Transfer of Shares – Guidance Note

Guidance Note: Issuing & Transferring Shares


This Guidance Note: Issuing & Transferring Shares is a practical guide for private companies covering the issue, transfer & allotment of new shares. The note aims to complement the various board meeting minutes and shareholder resolutions in this sub-folder.

This Guidance Note includes a discussion of:

  • Who shareholders are;
  • What share capital is;
  • Types and classes of shares;
  • Maximum and minimum number of shares in issue;
  • Powers to allot new shares;
  • Pre-emption rights;
  • Issue of new shares;
  • Share transfers and possible restrictions on share transfer; and
  • The mechanics of transfer through a stock transfer form.

This guidance has been updated as of January 2017 to include a discussion of the actual mechanics of transfer in accordance with section 770(1)(a) of the Companies Act 2006 and the usual means of transfer through a stock transfer form.

This Guidance Note is a useful starting point or ‘aide-memoire’ to a company secretary or administrator considering the often complex issues surrounding the issue, allotment and transfer of shares.

This Guidance Note is in open format.

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