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New Guidance Note and Tenant Letter with updated Inventory Schedules

June 2023

A new Guidance Note on the importance of having accurate and detailed property inventories, a new Tenant Check-out Inventory Letter, and updated Inventory Schedules are now available.

The Guidance Note provides information about the detail that should be incorporated into an inventory at the start of a tenancy, as well as pointers as to how to carry out tenant check-in and check-out inspections. 

The new Tenant Letter can be used by landlords or agents to give advance notification of a check-out inventory inspection and provide a tenant with time to put the property and contents into order before the inspection.

The existing Inventory Schedules have been expanded to record check-in and check-out inventory inspections in a single document. They also include a section to record any outstanding issues to be rectified by the landlord at the start of the tenancy and the check-out section can be used to record any damage or repairs caused by the tenant and costs of repair to be deducted from the deposit.

A new Guidance Note and Inventory Schedule template are also available for use in Wales where it is mandatory for inventories to be served at the start of a tenancy. These versions incorporate the terminology and inventory requirements introduced under the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 and s27 Renting Homes (Supplementary Provisions)(Wales) Regulations 2022.

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