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Software Licence Agreements

Software Licence Agreements

Software development generally requires considerable investment both in terms of time and money. Software developers will naturally want to protect their investment when releasing their product to users.

The software licences in this subfolder provide considerable protection for the intellectual property rights subsisting in software and indeed for the software itself. By clearly setting out what the user may or may not do with a piece of software in a software licence, developers can ensure that they maximise returns on their investments, restrict free-riding use of their creative and inventive work, and produce software that remains stable across a broad range of computer systems.

Open source software is an increasingly popular alternative to proprietary software licensing. Free Open Source Software Licences can be found both here in the Business Documents Folder and in the Free Documents Folder (no purchase required).

These Software Licences are part of the Business Documents Folder. Just £35.00 + VAT will provide you with 1 year's unlimited access to download all/any documents from the Business Folder.
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