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IT Disaster Recovery

Almost all organisations are heavily dependent on their IT facilities in order to maintain continuity of the operation of their business. Indeed, unless they take adequate steps to address potential loss of use of key IT facilities, they may be at serious risk of business failure when struck by a disaster which either disrupts operation of key hardware or software systems for more than a very short time or causes important data to be lost or damaged.

To reduce the risk that their business might be unable to maintain continuity in the event of such a disaster, organisations establish fall back arrangements to enable quick recovery from the disaster. Some businesses are content to provide those arrangements for themselves, but many outsource those arrangements to organisations providing suitable facilities to customers on a commercial basis.

We have therefore included in this subfolder a number of forms of Agreement for use by such providers of IT services. These forms cover the temporary supply of hardware and/or software, office accommodation, and other IT disaster recovery services.

It is recommended that business and other organisations adopt a business continuity policy and plan (with related procedures) covering not only disasters affecting their IT (including data loss or damage) but also all other key aspects of their operations, for example, loss of use of premises, outbreak of illness affecting personnel, power failure, severe weather, theft or vandalism. We have relevant templates in the Business Continuity subfolder in the Business Compliance group for this purpose, and they can be used in conjunction with any of the IT disaster recovery documents in this subfolder.

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