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RIDDOR Form F2508A - Report Of A Case Of Disease


The Report of a Case of Disease form is required if you or any of your employees is told in writing by a doctor that you/he/she is suffering from a reportable disease you must send a completed F2508A to the relevant authority immediately.

Reportable diseases include:
- certain poisonings
- some skin diseases such as occupational dermatitis, skin cancer, chrome ulcer, oil foliculitis
- lung diseases including, occupational asthma, farmer's lung, pneumoconiosis
- infections such as leptospirosis, hepatitis, tuberculosis, anthrax, legionnellosis, and tetanus
- other conditions such as occupational cancer, certain musculoskeletal disorders, decompression illness, and hand-arm vibration syndrome.

This Report of a Case of Disease contains the following sections:
1. About You
2. About your organisation
3. About the Affected Person
4. The disease you are reporting
5. Describing the work that led to the disease
6. Reporting details

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