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First Aid Training Schedule


The employer must decide what is "adequate and appropriate" for enabling first aid to be rendered to his/her employees if they are either injured at work or become ill at work. However, the following minimum provisions should be made:

In offices and other low risk workplaces:

- a trained first aider may not be necessary for fewer than 25 employees, although there must be at least one appointed person to take charge in an emergency;
- a first aid room may not be necessary unless, for instance, the organization works with very hazardous substances or is some distance from medical facilities.

Adequate numbers of first aid boxes or travelling kits are required.

In workplaces with greater risks there should be:

- a minimum of one first aider with approved training where 5 to 50 employees are based at one location and then one additional first aider for every 50 employees (or part thereof );

- at least one suitably equipped first aid room where, for instance, the organisation works with hazardous substances.

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