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Why Your Fledgling Small Business Needs To Provide Comprehensive Employment Contracts

Running a small business isn’t for the faint hearted. Starting a fledgling enterprise from nothing and then developing it into a fully functional company that is profitable and competitive takes a huge amount of effort.Of course, there are a lot of legal issues to consider when undertaking a task of this kind, so it is important ... Continue reading

Benefits Of Using Document Templates

Like many other business owners, you may well have heard about the advantages of using downloadable document templates. Indeed, you may well have heard how templates of this kind enable users to create professional documents that have a unified and cohesive appearance. You may even know that templates used for these purposes can ... Continue reading

Setting Up Your Own Business Empire

If you are thinking of setting up your own private limited company then you are to be congratulated. The responsibility of turning a profit from your own endeavours is a tough ask, so taking on the task shows that you are the type of person who certainly isn’t afraid of a challenge!But why set up as a limited company? Why not go ... Continue reading

How Companies Can Deal With “Sickies”

It is fair to say that most employees have pulled a “sickie” at one point or another during their working lives. These contrived excuses are occupational folklore as they generally involve wannabee absentees putting in Oscar worthy performances down the phone while they relay convoluted stories of malady and woe with some nicely ... Continue reading

Employment contracts in the spotlight

Taking on new members of staff can be exciting. Perhaps you’re just starting out with your company, or maybe you’re going through a period of expansion.However, before you get carried away, it’s important to think through all the implications associated with employing new people. There are a series of legal issues to deal with a ... Continue reading

Dealing with worker grievances

One of the most challenging aspects of running a company is personnel management. By their very nature, people are complex entities and making sure they are happy and productive in their roles isn’t always easy.Complicating matters further, there is a raft of employment legislation in place these days designed to protect people ... Continue reading

Making the recruitment process easier

Your personnel may well be your most valuable resource. In order to achieve long-lasting success in the world of enterprise, it’s vital that you have staff with the necessary skill, insight and dedication. Given the tough economic conditions affecting the UK and many other countries at present, it’s more important than ever to h ... Continue reading

Skimping on health and safety is always a mistake

If your firm is feeling the financial pinch, you might be looking for ways to save cash. Indeed, there are bound to be certain areas in which you can cut back. However, make sure safety isn’t one of them.Regardless of how much pressure your organisation is under, it’s vital that you don’t skimp on health and safety. If you do, t ... Continue reading

Plenty to think about when setting up a new company

Setting up a new company can be an exciting time. The thought of being your own boss and realising your ambitions is a tantalising prospect and, if you’re successful, you stand to reap potentially significant financial rewards.However, there’s no getting around the fact that you’ve got plenty of hard work ahead of you and there ... Continue reading

Sifting Through the Various Legal Templates You May Need to Download

Anyone starting up a business, whether big or small, will need to get their hands on certain legal forms. Downloading legal templates is one of the best ways to sift through the various documents. A website offering you access to templates 24/7 for a one-off fee is often the cheapest way to obtain the documents vital to you, not ... Continue reading

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