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Food Hygiene Documents Every Employer Should Know About

If you work in the catering or restaurant business it is vital that you get the correct documentation together beforehand. Ensuring your team is up to date on current practices and being able to prove this to anyone who asks is vitally important. Collecting this paperwork and keeping it safe is a great resource for your business and something you can refer back to when employing new recruits. We’ve given you a list of our top documents to download in relation to Food Hygiene and listed some of the reasons as to why they can benefit you.

Food Hygiene Documents

To implement good food hygiene practice it is important that you keep records of food hygiene guidance notes, temperature logs, cleaning and pest control records. These are just some of the documents available from us that will reduce risk in your workplace. Finding yourself on the wrong side of food hygiene regulations and laws can incur hefty fines, penalties and face closure. The biggest issues lie with the manager of the business as, if they are successfully prosecuted, they can be banned from running another food establishment or even face a prison sentence. As you can see, having this paperwork in order is of high importance to ensure the best possible standards are met and adhered to. To ensure good practice is met you can download this documentation for just £35+VAT.

Kitchen Risk Assessment Forms

Risk assessment is part of everyday life; we constantly assess a situation to figure out the risk or threat to us. Kitchen Risk assessment forms are used by businesses in the food industry to assess the safety of their workplace for its staff and employers. These forms can be downloaded to prevent accidents and make sure the business is in compliance with the relevant health and safety legislation. These documents are also a preventative measure; it’s an ongoing way to prevent loss, damage and injury in the kitchen.

Hygiene Hazard Analysis Forms (HHACR)

HHACR forms are relevant and helpful documents that allow you to manage and eliminate any food hygiene risks. These documents are relevant for the preparation of salads, smoothies, juices as well as hot and chilled food. Implementing a catering risk assessment and action plan, for example, is a great way to keep track of hygiene hazards in the kitchen. These documents give you the opportunity to successfully overview how you run your kitchen as well as how you as a company deal with hygiene hazards.

All of these helpful documents are available to you from Simply Docs at competitive prices. Make your job easier and download all the information you need here.

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