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Made in Britain: Will You Be Using the Label After Brexit?

The CBI has expressed concerns that manufacturers may run into problems using the “Made in Britain” label after the UK’s departure from the EU is complete and has called on the government to ensure that exporters will be able to continue taking advantage of the status.The problem stems from the so-called rules of origin which de ... Continue reading

10 Tips That Will Help Improve Your Customer Data Protection

In the wake of the UK’s Brexit vote this year, it remains to be seen how the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), slated to come into effect in 2018, will impact on British businesses in the long run. Businesses have until 25 May 2018 to prepare for GDPR, which sets out uniform rules for data protection rights across th ... Continue reading

Could Becoming a Freelancer Be the Correct Career Choice for You?

The freedom to pick and choose how, when and where you work are some of the big advantages of becoming a freelancer, and it can be tempting to jump right into the world of self-employment for these very reasons.However, if you’re not fully prepared for the implications of freelancing, you could be surprised by many of the challe ... Continue reading

10 Intellectual Property Protection Tips for Your Start-Up

Intellectual property (IP) can cover a variety of elements, from patents and registered designs to any content you write for your business. It is crucial to the success of your company that you protect your IP, as this can be as important as the products or service you sell – sometimes more so.If your business is based on your I ... Continue reading

6 Tell-Tale Signs Your Business Needs to Expand

Most successful entrepreneurs reach a point at which they need to consider expanding their business. This could mean taking on extra staff, updating equipment, bringing in new technology, or moving to larger premises.However, there is always a balance to be struck between keeping a tight rein on finances and making the necessary ... Continue reading

Could Flexible Working Hours Make Your Business More Profitable?

Flexible working is an increasingly popular trend, fuelled by changing social dynamics and the ability for many professionals to carry out their work from virtually any location with a Wi-Fi signal. It refers both to flexible patterns of work as well as to the choice of working remotely from home or elsewhere.Flexible working is ... Continue reading

10 Essential Tips for Starting Your Own Retail Business

Is opening a shop your dream? Do you long for the day you’ll have your own business and meet new customers every day? Be prepared for long hours and months of careful preparation before you can get your store up and running. Once you’re established, though, it’ll be a rewarding enterprise.Here are our top 10 tips for those start ... Continue reading

Business Lessons From Abroad: What Can We Learn?

A recent study by HR Magazine has found that UK employees have some of the lowest levels of engagement with their work in the world. But, with business cultures differing from country to country, are there any lessons from abroad that we can learn to make our companies more efficient and profitable?With that that thought in mind ... Continue reading

10 Essential Tips for Starting Your Own Restaurant

Many people dream of opening up their own restaurants, but very few are brave enough to take the plunge. That’s not surprising – any restauranteur will tell you that starting a restaurant isn’t easy. And, while the oft-quoted statistic that 90% of restaurants fail in their first year is not actually true, it is a fact that openi ... Continue reading

10 Essential Tips for Starting Your Own Online Business

Starting a new business is an exciting time, where everything and anything can seem possible. Yet, while it’s important to dream, if you don’t forge a concrete plan for success then failure is almost inevitable.So, if you’re a budding internet entrepreneur, here are 10 essential tips that will help you start your own online busi ... Continue reading

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