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Hand Arm Vibration RA and New Risk Assessment Forms Group

June 2015

This month Simply-Docs has created a new risk assessment package for Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome to add to our ever growing portfolio and has relocated all the Risk Assessment Forms in one place to make them easy to find.

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome and Risk Assessment

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), caused by over use of tools that vibrate while they are used, can be a debilitating medical problem. The longer a worker is exposed to vibrating tools, the greater the risk of developing HAVS. The likelihood of developing HAVS can be increased by differences in characteristics of the tool or the way it is used.

In order to help you stay compliant with the Control of Vibration at Works Regulations we have written assessment forms to allow you to check how much vibration your staff are exposed to.

New Risk Assessment Group

The Simply-Docs website now contains more than 90 specific risk assessment forms and so to make locating the correct form easier we have decided to group them all together in a new Risk Assessment Group. So now you will be able to find a risk assessment form for almost any subject or task in one place. For ease of navigation the new group has been divided into the following sub-folders:

- Standard Risk Assessment Forms
- Office Risk Assessment Forms
- Fire Risk Assessment Forms
- Building Risk Assessment Forms
- Landscape Gardening Risk Assessment Forms
- COSHH Risk Assessment Form
- Manual Handling Risk Assessment Forms
- Maternity Risk Assessment Forms
- Catering Risk Assessment Forms
- Severe Weather Risk Assessment Forms
- Vibration Risk Assessment Forms

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