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What is a Zero Hour Employment Contract?

What is a Zero Hour Contract?

A Zero Hour Contract, also known as a zero-hours contract is a type of employment agreement where the employer is not obligated to provide the employee with a minimum number of working hours. Under such a contract, the employer can request the employee to work as and when required, often with little or no notice. A Zero Hour Contract differs from a Casual Work Contract. For more information please click on Difference between Zero Hour and Casual Work Contracts of Employment


Key features of a Zero Hour Contract include:


  1. Variable hours: The employer does not guarantee a specific number of hours of work each week or month. The employee is typically only paid for the actual hours worked.
  2. Flexibility: Both the employer and employee have flexibility in scheduling work. The employer can offer hours as needed, and the employee has the option to accept or decline the work offered.
  3. Limited employment rights: Employees on zero hour contracts are entitled to certain basic employment rights, such as the National Minimum Wage, holiday pay, and protection against discrimination. However, they may have limited rights compared to full-time or part-time employees, such as statutory sick pay or redundancy pay.
  4. Exclusive arrangements: In some cases, zero hour contracts may include exclusivity clauses, which require the employee to be available for work whenever requested by the employer. However, such clauses are generally unenforceable in many jurisdictions to protect workers' rights.

To preview or download a Zero Hour Contract please click on Zero-Hours Contract

A Zero Hour Contract is often used in industries where demand fluctuates, such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, and event management. They can provide flexibility for both employers and employees, but they can also lead to uncertainty and income instability for workers who rely on consistent hours.


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