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New Templates for Airbnb Property Managers

November 2017

Our Property Document portfolio now includes Terms & Conditions for Agencies specialising in the management of Airbnb-type rental properties.

In recent years there has been a huge increase in the use of websites such as Airbnb, where home owners can advertise a room or a whole property as available for a short-term let. Short-term lets are generally more lucrative than longer term lets, generating up to three times the income.

However, many owners of short-term holiday accommodation do not have the time or specialist knowledge required to handle bookings and management of the property themselves. A new type of property management service has entered the market to meet the needs of such landlords - the Airbnb management agency. These agencies offer a similar service to a standard holiday property agency but tailored to the specific requirements of Airbnb landlords.

Our new Terms and Conditions for Airbnb Agency allow for agencies to provide a “full” service, where the agency deals with marketing and bookings, as well as management during guest stays, or a “management only” service, where the agency’s role is more limited. When used in conjunction with an Agency Appointment Form, a binding contract is created between the agency and the owner.

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