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New and Updated Staff Appraisal Documents

May 2013
The Staff Appraisal Documents have been updated to provide a better foundation for carrying out an effective appraisal and a new Basic Appraisal Form has been added. The appraisal documents now offer two alternative appraisal options: for those looking for a more detailed approach we provide the Staff Performance Appraisal Form: Part I Appraisee and the Staff Performance Appraisal Form: Part II Appraiser both with accompanying Guidance Notes, and for those looking for the most straightforward approach, the Basic Appraisal Form is easy to use and provides a simpler alternative.

Appraisals are a methodical way of allowing an individual’s job performance to be assessed constructively. Aspects to consider include strengths and weaknesses of an employee, taking account of their job knowledge, communication skills and problem solving skills as well as recognising achievements. Ways to improve performance in the future usually take the form of objectives for which efforts should be made by the employer to identify any support an employee may need to accomplish these.

For the appraisal process to be most effective it is important that the appraisal does not happen in isolation and there should be regular informal discussions between the appraisal meetings. The appraisal should allow for full and frank discussion and there should be time allowed for both appraiser and appraisee to fully express their views. The appraisal process should be a positive experience enabling employees to feel motivated and involved in their own development. Having written records of the appraisal process means that the employee can have feedback and the senior managers can monitor the effectiveness of the appraisal.

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