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Residential Lettings in Wales

August 2023

A new suite of documents specifically geared to the requirements for letting out private dwellings in Wales has been added and takes account of the changes introduced by the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 (“the Act”). The content has been divided into four new sections to help private residential landlords and agents manage the letting of a dwelling in Wales more easily.  The new folders contain all the existing content, together with many new documents.

Renting Homes Wales Guidance:

This folder contains the existing Guidance Notes aimed at helping landlords and agents understand the changes introduced by the Act in December 2022.

Standard Occupation Contracts, Model Written Statements & Pre-Contract Documents

The folder contains new easy to use templates to assist with the pre-contract stage of letting dwellings in Wales.  Also included are the Welsh Government’s prescribed notice for the provision of information about a landlord’s address and the Model Written Statements for Fixed Term and Periodic Standard Occupation Contracts. 

Residential Administrative Documents

This folder contains new content to assist with the ongoing management of a letting in Wales.  Additionally, the prescribed government forms which need to be used for rent increases or when a landlord changes address or there is a change of landlord have now been included.

Termination Notices & Forms

This folder includes various prescribed notices published by the Welsh Government as well as other documents to assist at the end of a tenancy.  The prescribed notices cover the most common situations a landlord or agent may find themselves in when they wish to recover possession of a property or bring an occupation contract to an end. The notices must be used before a possession claim can be made to the court. The notices should be used in conjunction with the Guidance on Terminating Standard Occupation Contracts which has been updated to reflect the changes for converted periodic contracts from 1 June 2023 in respect of notice periods to be given and the prescribed forms to be used.

The content is not intended to be an exhaustive set of documents.  It will continue to be expanded over time.  More prescribed forms and notices are available from the Welsh Government website.

Due to the multiple new and updated documents being introduced, individual documents are not listed, and you should check your account for new or updated content.

The contents of this Newsletter are for reference purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Independent legal advice should be sought in relation to any specific legal matter.

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