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Form N323 Court Form Requesting Warrant of Control to Recover Debt


The Form N323 Court Form Requesting Warrant of Control is the court form to be used where a landlord has obtained a court order requiring a tenant to pay money, for example rent arrears, and the debt remains unpaid.

The up-to-date version of it can be found on the Government website: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/form-n323-request-for-warrant-of-control.

Once you have opened the template form on the Government website, you should save a copy to a location of your choice and then you can complete that copy.

A warrant of control can also be applied for online via the Money Claim Online website .

A warrant of control is one of several means of enforcing a court order. It gives a County Court bailiff authority to enter the tenant’s property to collect the debt.  If the debt is not paid, the bailiff is authorised to remove and sell belongings in order to recover the money owed.

For more information about enforcing a money judgment, and the other types of enforcement order, see the Section 8 Possession Guidance.

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