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Register of Directors (Corporate Directors)


The Companies Act 2006 requires companies to keep a register of directors (s.162) and a register of directors' residential addresses (s.165). Whilst the Companies Act 2006 does not distinguish between individual and corporate directors as far as maintaining one register is concerned, the disclosure requirements for each are different. This sub-folder therefore includes two template forms of the register of directors; one for individuals and one for corporate directors.

This template sets out the details for corporate directors as prescribed by section 164 of the Companies Act 2006.

The register must be kept available for inspection at the company’s registered office (or at a place specified in regulations under section 1136) by members (free of charge) or the public (for a prescribed fee). Refusal to permit inspection is an offence for which every company officer in default (including a shadow director) can be liable. In addition, the court may compel immediate inspection of the register if the company has refused.

This Register For Corporate Directors’ Addresses is in fixed field format. Simply press TAB to jump from one field to the next and SHIFT + TAB to go back. Alternatively, use the mouse to click from one field to the next.

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