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Persons of Significant Control – Official Wording Regarding Status of PSC Register

Official Wording for PSC Register


Whilst there is no prescribed format for a PSC register itself provided the required information is included within it, the Government has provided official wording on the status of a company’s PSCs/RLEs at any given point which must be included on its PSC register. A company must always have information about their PSCs or registrable RLEs, or an update on their status, on its own PSC register. It must never be empty.

When a company has taken the required steps and worked out the status of any PSCs/RLEs, the company must enter the official wording on its PSC register. The official wording must also be used when a company files the information on the central public register at Companies House. All entries on a company’s PSC register should be dated.

The wording in this template has been taken from the Government’s guidance and is a copy of the official wording. This can also be accessed at www.gov.uk. It is not open to companies to deviate from the official wording.

This document is in open format.

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