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Allergens In Delivered Product – Checklist For Confirming Suppliers Notification

Delivered Product – Supplier Notification of Allergens


This Delivered Product – Supplier Notification of Allergens Form can be used by restaurants, bakers, butchers, delicatessens, cafes, fast food outlets and institutional and other caterers to check that their suppliers have provided them with the necessary information on the presence of notifiable allergens in the delivered product.

The EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation (No. 1169/2011) (FIC) and Food Information Regulations 2014 (SI 2014/1855) (FIR) came into force on 13th December 2014 and require food businesses to provide clear and accurate information on the allergens present in the food they have produced so that allergic individuals can avoid consuming food that may cause them to have an allergic reaction. The food business’s obligations under the Regulations apply to all prepacked, non-prepacked food and food prepacked for direct sale provided by the food business.

For the food business operator to ensure that they are correctly notifying their consumers about the allergen content of their food and drinks, they need to know the details of any allergens listed in the Regulations that are present in the products that are delivered to them by their suppliers.

This Delivered Product – Supplier Notification of Allergens Form is designed to be printed off and used by the individual receiving the delivered products and enables that individual to either, confirm that the required allergen information has been received from the supplier or, to chase up the information if it is not provided. Until notification of the presence, or not, of the listed allergens has been received from the supplier the delivered products can’t be used by the food business.

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