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Damp and Mould Information Letter to Tenant


This Damp & Mould Information Letter is intended to provide tenants with essential information regarding damp and mould issues, as well as practical steps they can take to minimise condensation levels within their residential dwelling.

It serves as a valuable resource for residential landlords and managing agents, aiding in the proactive management of potential damp and mould issues before they escalate. Whether distributed at the commencement of a tenancy or in response to tenant reports of damp problems during their occupancy, this letter equips tenants with the knowledge to address condensation-related concerns effectively.

The letter provides information on the most common causes of condensation and offers straightforward behavioural guidelines for tenants to follow in order to mitigate condensation within their home.

Importantly, landlords are reminded of their obligation to take tenant complaints seriously and to respond promptly, irrespective of whether the tenant's activities may contribute to the problem. Urgent action is required upon notification of any damp or mould issues.

A simple walkthrough of checks pre-tenancy can help identify potential issues so these can be dealt with pre-occupation.


  • Damp & Mould Indicators Checklist.
  •          Checklist to Help Tenant Reduce Condensation in a Dwelling. 
  •         Landlord’s checklist for New Tenancies.

For a comprehensive guide on damp and mould and best practice recommendations reference should be made to the Government publication “Understanding and addressing the health risks of damp and mould in the home” which can be accessed  here

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