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Covid-19 Vaccination Letter to Employees


This Covid-19 Vaccination Letter to Employees should be used by employers to encourage their workforce to have the coronavirus vaccination when they are offered it.

This letter acknowledges that it is the employee’s own decision as to whether or not to have the vaccine and encourages the employee to make an informed decision about this by researching official sources of information.

Employers have a duty to take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure the health, safety and welfare at work of all their workers and encouraging employees to be vaccinated to protect themselves against coronavirus is likely to be a reasonable step to take to reduce the risk to employees' health.

Although most people will welcome the opportunity to be vaccinated against coronavirus, there will be a minority who will be reluctant or refuse to have the vaccine at all. This may be because they cannot have the vaccine on medical grounds, they may refuse on religious or ethical grounds or they may just be apprehensive about vaccinations in general. Whatever the reason for an employee’s reluctance, the employer should seek to maintain open and constructive dialogue with employees on the subject of the coronavirus vaccination.

The letter has optional clauses depending on whether or not the employee will be offered paid or unpaid time off to attend the vaccination appointments and reminds the employee to obtain advance authorisation from the line manager in order to attend a vaccination appointment.

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