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What does CDM 2015 mean for the sole trader/partnership builder?

Sole Trader/Building Partnership Guidance Notes On CDM 2015


The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations have been revised again. The relevant construction regulations for sole traders and building partnerships are CDM 2015. This came into force on 6th April 2015.

These Guidance Notes for Sole Traders/Partnerships on CDM 2015 explain briefly how the changes will affect both the client and the builder (now known as the Principal Contractor) on every project. These new CDM Regulations 2015 are wide ranging and, for the first time, works to domestic properties for private clients do fall under the Regulations.

Other major changes include:

• The role of CDM Coordinator no longer exists, and has been replaced by a new one, the Principal Designer.

• For commercial projects, the client will now be responsible for all site activities.

• All projects will require a Principal Designer to ensure health and safety is organised pre-start.

• Every project will have an appointed Principal Contractor to manage all site works.

These Guidance Notes for CDM 2015 show how the new regulations are aimed at the smaller building contractor including one man bands and partnerships, and help to show what they need to do in order to be compliant.

We have written these guidance notes especially for smaller builders in response to the HSE’s announcement that they will be continuing to target the smaller building contractor. It is acknowledged that smaller builders have statistically more accidents, so the HSE inspectors are actively paying more attention to this sector.

These guidance notes have been written to give building sole traders and partnerships useful information on compliance, with particular regard to those issues that the HSE inspectors have announced they will always look for.

These issues will include:

• Work at heights

• Site welfare

• General site tidiness

• Any asbestos hazards

• General dust or fumes management

The inspectors will look for all sorts of hazards, but will always be looking for these. These guidance notes give smaller contractors a reminder of how they should be running their sites to remain legally compliant.

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