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Self-Employment and IR35 Agreements

The contracts in this group cover a range of legal and business arrangements under which various professional and other services are provided either by contractors to clients or by sub-contractors to main contractors. Some of the forms are designed to be used where the sub-contractor is an individual (rather than a company) working as self-employed person (i.e. as a freelance consultant or, sole trader) and others are designed to be used where the client or main contractor engages a personal service company or consultancy company which then provides the services of the individual professional(s) or worker(s) to the client.

All of the document templates in this group are fully compatible with Microsoft Word and can be easily edited to meet the specific requirements of a broad range of businesses, professionals and circumstances.

Many documents in this group, particularly those designed for freelancers (whether working as individuals or through personal service companies), take account of self-employment, IR35, and agency worker rules. Information pages and the Guidance Notes on Employment, Self-employment and IR35 accompanying the documents outline the risk that will still exist, despite the use of a suitable self-employment/independent contractor agreement, that an employer-employee relationship (for employment law or tax purposes) may exist between the supplier of the services and his/her client, although the intention is for the contractor to be self-employed, or there may be other adverse tax consequences. Legal advice should therefore be taken as appropriate before use of any of these forms of agreement.

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