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Sub-Contractor agreements for Building Trades and Architect Terms

Construction Industry Sub-contracts and Architect's Terms

These Construction Industry Contracts have been professionally drafted for use by those involved in construction projects.

At present the folder comprises four subfolders containing a selection of sub-contracts that a builder or main contractor can use and a further subfolder of architect’s documents.

The sub-contract documents are suitable where a builder or main contractor engages a sub-contractor on any small-scale construction project and can be used for any type of sub-contractor: plumbers, electricians, tilers, roofers, etc. These sub-contracts are divided into subfolders according to their payment arrangements. The agreements in the first subfolder provide for payment in one lump sum on completion of the works. The second subfolder’s agreements provide for payment in instalments on production of an invoice from the sub-contractor. The third subfolder contains templates in which the contractor initiates the payment process by serving a payment notice on the sub-contractor. The fourth subfolder has sub-contractor agreements that are suitable for more complex projects.

The fifth subfolder contains the various architect documents. These can be used when an architect is working on a small/medium sized construction project.

The documents are constructed in an open Word format, and can be customised to meet your requirements. Please click on the links below to view further details.

These Construction Industry and Architect's Contracts templates are part of the Business Folder. One payment of £35 + VAT will provide you with unlimited downloads of all documents in the Business folder for one year. To subscribe, click on My Account and register your details with us.

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