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Construction Industry Sub-Contracts: Payment on Notice

Construction Industry Sub-Contracts - Payment on Notice Issued by Contractor

The sub-contracts in this subfolder are suitable for all types of small scale construction project. They can be used by a builder or main contractor to engage an electrician, plumber, plasterer or bricklayer or any other specialist tradesperson.

These sub-contracts provide for a payment to be made in instalments following service of a payment notice by the contractor. Some of the templates make provision for retention to be held by the contractor. The retained sum is paid to the sub-contractor when the defects liability period has expired, so long as the sub-contractor has remedied any defects.

All of the templates include detailed provisions to ensure the parties understand what is expected of them, thus reducing the scope for disputes. Descriptions of the main contract works and the sub-contract works need to be inserted. A timescale is set out for completion of the works and the agreement lists the day-to-day obligations of the contractor and sub-contractor. The sub-contracts have clauses dealing with payments to the sub-contractor, the sub-contractor’s liability and insurance.

In other subfolders we have construction sub-contracts providing for payment in instalments on receipt of the sub-contractor’s invoice, templates providing for one-off payment on practical completion of the works and more robust templates for larger projects.

These Construction Industry Sub-Contracts – Payment on Notice Issued by Contractor are part of the Business Documents Folder. Just £35.00 + VAT will provide you with 1 year's unlimited access to download all/any documents from the Business Folder.
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