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Fishing Lease and Licence Agreements

The documents in this subfolder allow landowners to grant fishing rights in a river, lake or pond on their land.

The Fishing Licence templates can be used to grant fishing rights to individual anglers or to the trustees of an angling club. The licence is granted for a fixed term and the licence fee is payable annually. The licensee is given rights to drive over and park on the landowner’s property and non-exclusive rights to fish in the river, lake or pond. The landowner can limit the days on which and hours during which the fishing rights may be exercised. The licensee must comply with relevant laws and byelaws and exercise the fishing rights in a sportsmanlike manner.

The Fishing Leases can be granted to an angling club. They grant a lease of a clubhouse and give the club exclusive rights to fish in the river, lake or pond. The leases are designed for longer term or larger scale arrangements than the licences, and/or can be used where the club is to have the use of a building. The lease templates have similar covenants to the licence templates but are more comprehensive.

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