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Agricultural Landlord’s Rent Review Notice


This Agricultural Landlord’s Rent Review Notice should be used by a Landlord to initiate the rent review process under a Farm Business Tenancy.

Unless the Tenancy Agreement states otherwise, the Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995 provides for rent reviews to take place at three-yearly intervals.

The Rent Review Notice must specify the date from which the rent is to be reviewed (the “review date”). The Notice must be given at least twelve months but less than twenty-four months before the review date.

The Landlord and Tenant will typically either reach agreement on the revised rent or appoint an expert or arbitrator to determine it. If this has not happened, either party may, at any time during the period of six months ending with the review date, ask the President of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors to appoint an arbitrator.

The Notice should be served on the Tenant by the method (or one of the methods) specified in the tenancy agreement. There is often a “Notices” clause which will stipulate where and how notices should be served. Subject to what the tenancy agreement says, delivery by hand or by recorded delivery will probably be safest.

Remember that the notice period begins from the time the Tenant receives the Notice, not when it was posted. Do not leave it until the last minute to post the Notice.

It is good practice to enclose a duplicate Notice for the Tenant to sign and return. This provides the Landlord with evidence that the Notice has been received.

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