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Agency Agreement - Consignment of Goods


This Agency Agreement for the Consignment of Goods establishes an agency relationship between a consignor of goods and an agent wishing to sell them.

This document has been updated with a simplified data protection clause which refers to a separate privacy notice, removing references to specific legislation for ease of use. Full details of personal data use should be provided in that document.

This form of agreement is appropriate for a short term relationship between the consignor and the agent whereby the consignor delivers a stock of particular goods to the agent as a one off delivery which the agent then endeavours to sell on behalf of the consignor. The agent can return any or all of the unsold goods at any time, and the consignor can require the return of any or all goods at any time. 

Any further consignment/s would be by means of a separate and subsequent consignment agreement, i.e. this template Agency Agreement is only for use where the agent has no role beyond holding and selling the particular quantity of stock listed/identified in the Schedule to the Agency Agreement.  

This agency agreement template falls outside the scope of EU Regulations relating to commercial agents as it is only relevant for a short term relationship between agent and consignor. It is only suitable for use where both parties are based and operate in the UK, and delivery to the agent is only in the UK.

The Agency Agreement for the Consignment of Goods allows for payment by commission.

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