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Terms and Conditions for Advertising Platforms

March 2017

When it comes to online advertising, there’s so much of it that many of us go out of our way to avoid it. There are, however, some useful forms still out there, particularly when individuals and small businesses want to harness the power of the internet to promote their goods and services.

Whether its time to clear out that old record collection in the hopes of profiting off the vinyl renaissance; or whether that awful housemate (you know, the one with the chinchilla) has vacated the spare room and you need to find a replacement, putting a free ad online is often the perfect answer.

Similarly, particularly if you have a small business and want to reach a localised target audience, while it may not be time to kick off that Google AdWords campaign, a well-placed ad in a local business directory could be just the job.

Updated Free Classified Ads and Business Directory Website Terms and Conditions

When providing online advertising platforms, whether for individuals or businesses, it’s important to lay down the ground rules, ensuring that nobody posts anything unsavoury, and making it clear that advertisers remain responsible for the content of their advertisements. Similarly important are ownership rights over content. Not only must you protect the IP rights in your website, but the ownership (and licence terms) of content in advertisements and business listings must also be clearly defined.

Our website terms and conditions templates for sites hosting free classified ads and free business directories have now been re-written, adopting the new, more standardised format shared with the rest of our website terms and conditions portfolio.

In addition to close attention being paid to the matters outlined above, these templates now benefit from revised provisions, some of which have been simplified, some of which have been made more detailed. In all cases, however, the updates are designed to make the documents easier to understand both for our customers and yours.

Ongoing Website Terms and Conditions Review

In addition to the major updates outlined above, we have also reviewed and made minor adjustments, geared toward greater consistency across the portfolio, to our B2C E-Commerce Sale of Goods and Sale of Services website templates, and to our Blogging website terms and conditions templates.

The contents of this Newsletter are for reference purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Independent legal advice should be sought in relation to any specific legal matter.

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