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Updated Service Agreement Templates

December 2012

Services - whether your business is providing them, or whether you are procuring them for your business or your home – are big business. When providing those services (or procuring them), the importance of getting the proper documentation in place cannot be understated.

Before getting down to business with a client, standard terms of business enable you to set out the rules that govern your business and your provision of services to potential clients. When things are ready to get underway, a service agreement ensures that both the service provider and the client know exactly what they expect of one another, what their rights and obligations are under the contract and how the transaction is to proceed.

Updated Service Agreements

Simply-Docs has now published the latest updates to our Standard Service Agreements and to our Standard Service Terms and Conditions. These long-standing, popular documents have received a complete rebuild and have been re-written from the ground up.

Formerly known as “Client Bias” and “Service Provider Bias”, the Service Agreements now come in two flavours, one designed for the provision of services to consumer clients (Business-to-Consumer) and the other designed for the provision of services to business clients (Business-to-Business).

The corresponding Terms and Conditions of Service have also been re-written and now mirror exactly the terms of the agreements, thus making them ideal counterparts. Furthermore, the provisions of the terms and conditions have been written with explicit reference to the agreement, ensuring that readers understand that they will be legally bound only upon signing the contract itself and that terms may vary according to the actual agreement reached between the service provider and the client.

Comprehensive new terms have been incorporated into these newly written documents bringing a new level of clarity, reassurance and legal quality to these key business tools.

Upcoming Service Terms

The updates to our standard service documents are just the start. Over the coming months, Simply-Docs will be releasing all-new variants of the documents designed for a wider range of compatibility. Agreements and terms and conditions incorporating intellectual property provisions and those designed for services to be provided within the context of larger projects are just a few examples of what is to come!

The contents of this Newsletter are for reference purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Independent legal advice should be sought in relation to any specific legal matter.

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