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Shareholders’ Ordinary Resolution – Appointment of Auditors

Shareholders’ Ordinary Resolution – Appointment of Auditors


This document is a Shareholders’ Ordinary Resolution – Appointment of Auditors.

Under the Companies Act 2006, unless audited accounts are unlikely to be required (for example, if an audit exemption applies), an auditor must be appointed for each financial year.

The directors may appoint the first auditor (or the first following a period of exemption from audit) but otherwise the shareholders appoint an auditor by passing an ordinary resolution during a ‘period for appointing auditors’ or where the directors had power to appoint an auditor but have failed to make an appointment.

The ‘period for appointing auditors’ is the 28 day period following the circulation of the accounts to members (the 28 day period starts at the end of the time allowed for sending out the annual accounts and reports, or if earlier, the date on which the annual accounts and report were actually sent out).

If the shareholders are removing auditors prior to appointing new ones, you should use our Shareholders Ordinary Resolution – Removal of Auditors and Replacement instead.

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