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Share Investment Agreement Templates

Share Investment Agreements

Many companies, particularly new start-up businesses, often require some level of investment in order to enable them to grow faster or achieve certain objectives within a shorter time frame.

This subfolder of documents is dedicated to template documents that cover investment arrangements and contains two different types of investment agreement and various complementary documents.

Our investment agreements include the traditional cash for an equity (share) stake in a business as well as the more unusual “sweat equity” arrangement, where instead of making a cash investment, an investor provides services to the business in return for an eventual equity stake. The latter agreement may be of particular interest to a start-up business that does not yet have the resources to pay for a specific service that it needs, but can provide the “investor” with an equity stake in the business instead of cash payment.

The templates in this subfolder do not consider the tax or accounting implications of making an investment into a company. It is recommended that independent advice is sought.

Each Investment Agreement and the complementary documents are compliant with the Companies Act 2006.

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