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Certificate of Service for use in Residential Possession Proceedings

Form N215 Certificate of Service of Section 21 Notice


The PROP.PP.04 - Form N215 Certificate of Service of Section 21 Notice is the Court form to be completed by the person who has served a Section 21 Notice on a Tenant. The Certificate of Service can then be submitted to the Court if the Landlord subsequently applies to Court for a Possession Order.

This document is in PDF format and the up to date version of it can be found on the government website by clicking on this link to the relevant page: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/form-n215-certificate-of-service.

Once you have opened the template form on the government website, you should save a copy to a location of your choice and then you can complete that copy.

It is vital that a Landlord can prove that the Section 21 Notice was served on the Tenant in accordance with the requirements of the Tenancy Agreement. There are other methods of proving service, including:

• A copy of the Section 21 Notice counter-signed by the Tenant to acknowledge receipt.

• A certificate of service or affidavit of service from a process server who served the Notice.

• Post Office proof of posting or proof of delivery.

The Form should be completed as follows.

The “Name of court” and “Claim No.” fields can be left blank as no claim will have been started at the time the Certificate of Service is completed.

The “Claimant” is the Landlord and the “Defendant” is the Tenant.

In the “On what date did you serve?” field, insert the date the notice was sent or handed over. “The date of service is” field is for the effective date of service which may be different. See the notes at the end of the Form and the notice provisions in the Tenancy Agreement.

There are fields for a description of the document served (in this case, a Section 21 Notice), and the person it was served on (the Tenant).

The method of service needs to be ticked on the left hand side of the form. The service address should be inserted on the right hand side and the boxes checked to describe the address (e.g. the Defendant’s usual residence).

The Form should be signed and dated at the bottom.

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