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Notice of Variation of Rent RHW12


This Notice of Variation of Rent RHW12  is prescribed by the Welsh Government. The form should be used by Landlords to give notice to a contract-holder of a new rent to take effect on a specified date.

Rents can be increased during a periodic occupation contract which commenced on or after 1 December 2022 provided the written contract provides a fundamental term allowing the Landlord to vary the rent. Two months’ written notice must be provided to the contract-holder and no further variations can take place for 12 months after an increase. There are currently no limits on the amount the rent can be increased to.  The Model Written Statement for A Periodic Occupation Contract provides for variation of rent as an F+ term and unless the term has been amended or removed the landlord should be able to request an increase. 

Fixed-term occupation contract terms do not currently allow for rent increases and it is unclear whether incorporating an express provision allowing an increase would be valid.  Advice should be sought from your legal advisers as to the current status of Form RHW12 in respect of fixed term contracts.  Rent increases can however be negotiated when agreeing a new occupation contract at the end of the term.

The prescribed Form RHW12 must be used to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Act.

This form is also available from the Welsh Government’s website.

Crown copyright in this prescribed form is acknowledged and contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

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