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Workspace and Environment Minimum Requirement in the Workplace.

Workspace & Environment Minimum Requirement

The minimum requirements apply to any VDU or other display screen workstations that he or anyone else provides for use by his employees for his business, but also apply to those he provides for use by self-employed workers for his business.

The employer must ensure that workstations and equipment meet the following minimum requirements. These are set out in the form of a checklist for employers who wish to use it as such to aid their analysis of workstations. Some of these requirements are best checked as part of the purchasing procedure since remedy afterwards can be expensive.

The work-desk or work-surface must:

  • be large enough;
  • have a low-reflective surface;
  • allow a flexible arrangement of screen, keyboard, documents and related equipment;
  • document holder stable and adjustable;
  • have a document holder positioned for comfortable eye and head movements; and
  • allow adequate space for comfortable working position.

The work chair must:

  • be stable;
  • allow the user free movement;
  • allow the user to adjust it to a comfortable position;
  • have a seat adjustable in height;
  • have a back adjustable in height and tilt; and
  • have a footrest available.

The workspace environment must have the adequate dimensions and design to allow the user to change position and vary their movements.

With regards to lighting, the workspace must have lighting sufficient for user's task. There should be no risk or discomfort from contrast between screen and surroundings. The layout of the workplace should be such that it avoids risk of glare or reflections, and any windows that cause glare or reflections should be capable of being covered.

There should be no distraction by noise from equipment at workstation, and it must be possible to talk over noise made from equipment at the workstation.

There should be no discomfort to the user from heat produced by equipment, and equally, there must be no risk from radiation.

Any software provided to the user should:

  • be suitable for the task;
  • be easy to use and adaptable to user's ability;
  • have no quantitative or qualitative checking facility without user's knowledge;
  • provide adequate feedback to users on system performance;
  • display information in format and at pace suitable to user;
  • conform to principles of software ergonomics; and
  • have adequate control over selection, commissioning and modifying software.
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