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Analysis and Assessment of Display Screen Equipment (DSE) in the Workplace.

Analysis and Assessment of VDU Risk


The employer must carry out a suitable and sufficient analysis of VDU and other display screen equipment workstations that either he or anyone else has provided for use by his employees for his business, or that he has provided for use by self-employed workers for his business.

As regards display screen equipment and workstations by employees, note that the employer's duties extend beyond equipment that he provides. Typical examples of the extent of the employer's duties are employees working from home who provide their own equipment, or employees working at customer's premises using equipment provided by the customer.

Purpose To Assess And Reduce Risks

The employer must carry out these analyses for the purpose of assessing health and safety risks to the employees and self-employed workers who use the relevant workstations. Having assessed the health and safety risks, the employer must reduce the risks to the lowest extent reasonably practicable.

Typical health and safety problems which the employer should be looking for when assessing and reducing risks include:

  • postural problems;
  • visual problems;
  • fatigue and stress.
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