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Minimum Requirements for Display Screen Equipment (VDU) in the Workplace.

Minimum Requirements For Display Screen Equipment

The Minimum Requirements apply to any VDU or other Display Screen workstations that he or anyone else provides for use by his employees for his business, but also apply to those he provides for use by self-employed workers for his business.

The employer must ensure that workstations and equipment meet the following minimum requirements. These are set out in the form of a checklist for employers who wish to use it as such to aid their analysis of workstations. Some of these requirements are best checked as part of the purchasing procedure since remedy afterwards can be expensive.

Characters on the screen must be:

  • well-defined
  • clearly formed
  • adequate size
  • adequate spacing between characters
  • adequate spacing between lines

Images on the screen must be:

  • stable, with no flickering
  • bright (and capable of adjustment by user) with adequate contrast that is adjustable by user

The screen must be:

  • easy to swivel
  • easy to tilt
  • separate base or adjustable table available
  • no discomfort from reflective glare or reflections

The keyboard must be:

  • easy to tilt
  • separate from screen
  • allows comfortable working position, avoiding arm or hand fatigue
  • adequate space in front to allow support for user's hands and arms
  • matt surface with no reflective glare
  • well arranged and easy to use keys
  • symbols on keys easily legible
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