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Transfer of Part of Registered Title on Form TP1


The PROP.MAN.116 - Transfer of Part of Registered Title on Form TP1 is the official Land Registry form used to transfer land from seller to buyer. It should be used where the seller is transferring part of the land comprised in a registered title. If the whole of the land is being transferred, the Transfer of Whole (Form TR1) should be used instead.

The up to date version of it can be found on the government website by clicking on this link to the relevant page: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/registered-titles-part-transfer-tp1.

The document can be downloaded as a word document or a PDF. Once you have opened the document in your preferred format, you should save a copy to a location of your choice. Simply enter the relevant details in the blank spaces and check the boxes where appropriate. The remainder of the form (including the notes) should not be altered as it is in the Land Registry’s standard format.

The Land Registry has various offices. To find the one that deals with property in the area of the relevant premises please click here .

This Transfer of Part of Registered Title on Form TP1

In panel 1, enter the title number(s) of the property – this information will appear on the official copies of the registered title.

In panel 2, enter the title number(s) of any other land affected by the transfer, for example land over which a right of way is granted.

In panel 3, enter the property address, check the relevant box and enter details of how the property is shown on the plan.

In panel 4, enter the date on which the sale takes place. The date should not be entered until the parties have all signed in panel 13.

In panel 5, enter the seller’s name and (if applicable) company number.

In panel 6, enter the buyer’s name and (if applicable) company number.

In panel 7, enter the buyer’s address(es) for service. Up to three addresses can be given, one of which must be a postal address. An email address could be given as an alternative service address.

Panel 8 can be left as it is.

In panel 9, check whichever box applies and enter the details in the blank space if appropriate.

In panel 10, check whichever box applies.

Panel 11 can be left blank unless the buyer is more than one person (e.g. two individuals or two companies as joint owners).

In panel 12 add any additional provisions under the headings provided.

In panel 13, insert appropriate execution clauses, depending on whether the parties are individuals, companies, etc.

When the sale has been completed (by signing and dating Form TP1), an application must be made to the Land Registry to register the transfer. See Form AP1 Application to Register Transfer of Land.

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