Land Registry Form AP1 for Registering Transfer of Land

Form AP1 Application to Register Transfer of Land


This Form AP1 Application to Register Transfer of Land is used to apply to the Land Registry to register the transfer of land. 

Form AP1 should be completed and sent to the Land Registry, together with Form TR1 or TP1 and a cheque for the application fee, as soon as possible after the assignment has taken place. A transfer of land is not properly effective until it has been registered at the Land Registry so this is an essential step.

The Land Registry has various offices. To find the appropriate office for your application please see

In panel 1, enter the name of the local authority serving the property and the property’s full postcode – this information will appear on the official copies of the registered title.

In panel 2, enter the title number of the property – this information will appear on the official copies of the registered title.

In panel 3, check the appropriate box according to whether the application affects the whole or part of the registered title.

In panel 4, enter “transfer of freehold” to describe the application and enter the price paid. In the “Fees paid” column, enter the appropriate fee – this can be calculated at

In panel 5, list the documents you are enclosing. These will include the original or a certified copy of Form TR1 (the date and parties to the transfer should be noted here). It will probably also be necessary to enclose evidence of identity for each party to the transfer. See the commentary on panels 12-14 below.

In panel 6, enter the buyer’s name and (if applicable) company number.

In panel 7, enter the name and address and other details of the person who is submitting the application on behalf of the buyer.

Panel 8 can be left blank.

In panel 9, check the box for the buyer’s preferred address for service.

Panel 10 can be left blank unless there is a mortgage.

Panel 11 can be left blank unless the property is affected by “disclosable overriding interests”. This is a complex area and you should seek legal advice if necessary.

Panel 12 is concerned with confirmation of identity. By requiring this confirmation the Land Registry is seeking to reduce fraudulent property transactions. Check the second box if the application is not made by a conveyancer (e.g. a solicitor).

Panel 13 can be left blank unless you are a conveyancer.

In Panel 14, give details of the seller and buyer and their conveyancers (if any) in section (1). In section (2) check the boxes to confirm that evidence of identification is enclosed for the buyer and, if the seller was not represented by a conveyancer, the seller. Guidance can be found by clicking the link in the margin of Form AP1.

In Panel 15, sign on the “signature of applicant” line.

This Form AP1 Application to Register Transfer of Land is in open format. Simply enter the relevant details in the blank spaces and check the boxes where appropriate. The remainder of the form (including the notes) should not be altered as it is in the Land Registry’s standard format.

Once you have purchased access to the appropriate document folder click on the “Download Document” button below. You will be asked what you want to do with the file. It is recommended that you save the document to a location of your choice prior to viewing.