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Hire and Rental Terms of Business Updates

November 2013

The focus of November’s Business portfolio update is on consumer-oriented hire and rental terms and conditions. A number of all-new documents have been added with several of our existing templates also receiving updates.

New Hire and Rental Terms & Conditions

A range of new titles have been added to our existing set of hire and rental terms of business. Specific documents include those for clothing hire, bicycle hire, marquee and gazebo hire and tent hire.

Each of these templates suits a range of products within its intended category. The clothing hire terms, for example, could be applied equally as well to formalwear as to fancy dress. Bicycle hire may be used on the one hand for urban road bike hire or on the other hand for extreme mountain biking. The marquee and gazebo hire template is designed primarily for the hire of marquees, gazebos and large tents of the type typically used for events. The tent hire version, conversely, is designed more with camping gear in mind.

In addition to the new range of specific templates, two new general hire terms and conditions have been added. The first general template is designed for the types of products suited to pre-booking and advance orders. The second is geared towards walk-up-and-hire type products with no pre-booking.

Updated Hire and Rental Terms & Conditions

A number of our older templates have received updated provisions designed to make the documents a little clearer and more consumer-friendly.

The new and improved standard clauses include more consumer-friendly liability provisions. Additional "general" terms have also been incorporated, written in consumer-friendly terms, for greater certainty as to mutual rights and obligations.

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