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New Website Privacy Policies

May 2012

For many businesses operating online, few things are more valuable than customer data. At the most basic level, this data may be simple contact information which allows businesses to keep their customers informed of new products and services. Continuing on upward, this may extend to more detailed personal data and delivery addresses. Further still up the scale, websites may use cookies to store individual users’ preferences, to save login details and even to track users’ movements in and around the website, thus enabling businesses to better understand their customers and to improve their goods and services accordingly.

As more and more data about individual users is held, privacy and data protection becomes more and more important.

Simply-Docs has now published a new, comprehensive range of Website Privacy Policy Templates to assist online businesses in ensuring that their users know exactly what happens to their data and feel safe in providing it.

Privacy Policies to Suit All

The new range of Website Privacy Policies has been designed with a broad variety of websites in mind. Not all websites collect data. At the bottom end of the scale, therefore, a policy is available for such sites – addressing only such data as may be gained as a result of a user sending an email. Next up, a policy for websites which do collect some data, but that do not use cookies. Further policies have been created for those websites which only use first-party cookies (that is, those set by the same domain as the website itself) and for those which also use third-party cookies (those set by other domains – often used in advertising services). At the top of the tree are policies designed for websites which also use analytics services.

Would You Like Cookies With That?

Each policy clearly explains to users exactly what data is collected and how that data is used. For those which use cookies, the policy explains to users what those cookies do and – most importantly – how those cookies will ultimately benefit the user.

After a year’s grace period, the new EU Cookie Law, comes fully into force this month and the new privacy policies have been drafted to assist in compliance with that law. A number of options for obtaining users’ consent to the placing of cookies are included in the policies which should match up with your chosen method of compliance. By reading these privacy policies, users should fully understand the importance of cookies both to your business and to their experience of using your website.

To further assist in compliance with the EU Cookie Law, Simply-Docs also offers detailed guidance notes – explained in detail last month, and available under the “New Documents” heading to the right.

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