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Events & Hospitality Terms and Conditions and Agreements

May 2017

Events & Hospitality

The events and hospitality industry forms a substantial part of the UK economy. Businesses in this industry sector provide a wide variety of services.

In particular, many small and medium-sized businesses provide essential services for commercial and private celebrations and other events, and the UK market for those services is very significant. These services include the supply of various forms of entertainment, and planning/design of weddings and other events. The many businesses offering those services should do all they reasonably can to protect themselves from the risk of disputes and major claims from clients, and so this month we have added sets of Terms and Conditions (and forms of Agreement) covering some of these types of services to supplement our existing portfolio of events and hospitality documents. They are suitable for use by any size of start-up or existing business, whether it operates as an individual or as a company.

New Documents

The new sets of Terms and Conditions templates can be found in our Events & Hospitality subfolder in the Terms and Conditions Group. Forms of Agreement with similar content to each of these sets of terms and conditions (to be used as an alternative to them in each case) can be found in our Events & Hospitality subfolder in the Commercial Agreements Group. These new comprehensive documents are designed for use where a client engages you to provide your professional services at a celebration or other event or function. The documents cover:

  • planning/design/coordination of wedding ceremonies/receptions
  • live music (e.g. a band)
  • mobile DJs recorded music
  • children’s entertainment

These new sets of documents will be of considerable practical use in that they include:

  • terms complying with the relevant law relating to clients as consumers
  • provisions regulating booking and cancellation of services
  • mechanisms to deal with amendment of guest numbers and fees
  • terms covering many other practical and legal issues relevant to those providing wedding design/planning, live music, DJ or children’s entertainment services
  • options and alternatives from which you can select as appropriate.

The contents of this Newsletter are for reference purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Independent legal advice should be sought in relation to any specific legal matter.

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