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September 2021

New Charity & Non-Profit documents to help charity trustees in their day-to-day administration of their charity are now available. These new items comprise:

• A template Trustees' Approval by Written Resolution to be used by a charity’s trustees to pass a resolution in writing rather than at a trustees’ board meeting. It is particularly useful where a decision of the trustee board is required but it has not got the time to call a meeting or trustees are unavailable to attend a meeting.

• A template Board Minutes – Appointment of a Committee for board minutes to be used by a charity’s trustees wishing to appoint a committee to carry out specified functions delegated to it by the board. They enable the trustee board to avoid involving the full board in those matters.

There are three versions of each template, one where the charity is in the form of a CIO (charitable incorporated organisation), one where it is an unincorporated charitable association and one where it is a charitable trust.

These new items supplement the existing version of each of these templates which are for charities set up in the form of a charitable company limited by guarantee.

It can be time consuming for charity trustees to identify and produce various documents that they need to use to administer the charity’s affairs. By avoiding the need to produce documents from scratch, trustees can save time on administration, leaving them more time and energy to concentrate on helping the charity’s beneficiaries.

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