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Service Charge Demand for Commercial Property


This Service Charge Demand for Commercial Property should be used to demand service charge payments from business tenants.

This form can be used to demand the estimated service charge at the beginning of a service charge year and to demand an additional payment (or give a credit) at the end of the year when the accounts have been finalised. The form is also suitable for demanding ad hoc service charge payments where the lease provides for an “as and when” service charge rather than a formal service charge regime.

This Service Charge Demand contains fields for the landlord’s and tenant’s details, the address of the property, the tenant’s reference number and invoice number. The service charge items and amount(s) owing should be entered in the table. The landlord’s bank account details should be included.

It is helpful to provide tenants with a Service Charge Statement to accompany the Demand. The Estimated Statement or Actual Statement provides a breakdown of the sums expected to be incurred or actually incurred.

This Service Charge Demand for Commercial Property is a Microsoft Excel document in open format. Either enter the requisite details in the highlighted fields or adjust the wording to suit your purposes.

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