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Maintenance Agreements

June 2008

It is an inescapable fact that businesses need maintenance services. Computer systems, networks, software, plant and equipment should be regularly maintained and such work will often be carried out by external consultants and service providers.

Comprehensive maintenance agreements are essential in such cases. A maintenance agreement will specify all services which are to be provided such as preventative maintenance and repair services.

Agreements to Cover your Maintenance Needs

New maintenance agreements created by Simply-docs have been designed to cover multiple types of maintenance services and a variety of eventualities. These customisable documents specify the services provided, as well as addressing those factors to which maintenance services will not extend such as damage to equipment caused by deliberate misuse.

Ideally suited to providers of maintenance services, this range of documents allows users to specify services provided, responsibilities of both service provider and client, terms and fees.

Specific agreements have been created for hardware maintenance; software maintenance; combined hardware and software services; and plant maintenance.

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